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2014 Favorite....

 Every year the challenges get bigger as DARL grows. I could not keep this rescue going without the help of donors, volunteers, fosters, local officials and businesses. I  would like to share one story that stands out for me  with you.

 One of the many challenges that stand out for me from 2014 was networking with local rescuers to help our local animals in the Worcester County Area.  This part is important to DARL because I want local rescuers, shelters,  ACO's etc. to know that we are here and we can help! 

My favorite local save was Bruin! A 2 year-old American Bulldog that was sitting in a boarding facility for 5 months. The town was up in the air about what to do with Bruin. His unknown history an incident at the kennel with another dog did no good for him in a shelter. Not to mention his breed. Most Bully breeds do not do well in shelters. Most shelters will not take in a bully breed. Some shelters have holding periods before they euthanize the dog  to free up space or they can not afford to care for the dog.  I was contacted by my friend/rescuer Marley to help this boy. Although, I never had met him before this I felt I needed to focus on making sure that he is safe. I made it my birthday wish was to save this boys life.  And thanks to a local rescuer/friend Marley O'Brien of Committed to Canines &  local trainer/friend Mike Valliere of Valliere K9 Dog Training we did it!  Another good example of how working together saves lives.  

Bruin now lives with a great local family where he is cared for. When we took Bruin in for his blood work the tests came back and showed that Bruin has raised liver levels 4xs over. His family are great people and waiting patiently as we provide all that is needed to get Bruin back to health. This is how our donors, local businesses who have benefits for DARL help us. We could not provide for dogs like Bruin if we did not have the budget for it. 

2015 focus...

You may not see a lot of dogs on DARL's website or pet adoption networking pages. There is a reason for this. That reason is because I focus on dogs that have bigger issues with health & training.  These are the dogs that are truly forgotten about and left on the back burner.  It takes more time to help these dogs. The dogs that DARL has up for adoption all have been through difficult times before they got to us. I work hard with trainers and veterinarians to keep our dogs safe and healthy. No matter how long it takes. There is never a rush to move dogs. I thank my fosters for being there. The more fosters the more dogs I can help.


You may not see DARL at a lot of events this year. I will be focusing on individual cases with dogs in our community that will take up most of my time and concentration. I believe that one on one help is in great need in our community. After all, this how I got started. :)


My focus for DARL in 2015:



* Help local rescues, shelters & animal hospitals with fostering their surgery patients.

* Help our local dogs get the proper training, vetting and forever home.

* Help our people with pets find the right trainers, vets and resources that will help them and their pets.


In 2014 I have found that just a little education and direction for people who want to surrender their dog helps them re-think about giving up on their family pet. I have helped 17 families keep their pets from directing them to the right trainers, animal health care providers, or just talking to them instead of being upset with them. I couldn't do this without the trainers and resources that DARL has. I am thankful and happy to work with these great people in 2015 to make a difference for the dogs!